5 Reasons to Make Your Mobile Apps Multilingual

Mobile phones have become a vital part of our lives thanks to the apps that tech companies create each day. Not only do they make our lives easier, but they also present an opportunity for investment. Entrepreneurs earn millions of dollars making and selling apps and international businesses capitalize on foreign markets with them.

Some companies use mobile apps to make their services more accessible and to constantly communicate with their customers. But sometimes mobile apps are only available in a couple of languages.

Offering your mobile app in many languages has numerous benefits, and to convince you, we picked 5 reasons why:

1. Reach new markets

A localization service is one of the best tools for expanding to a foreign market. It helps you refine your message and cater all kinds of content to a specific group of consumers. This goes beyond a simple translation process and considers cultural, linguistic, and dialectal differences in the target population. It also gives your mobile app a local and intimate appearance, which is something consumers love. The next step is to take a seat, put your feet up, and watch the number of downloads skyrocket.

2. Reach more consumers

More languages mean more people. It’s just simple math. China, for example, has 1.4 billion citizens, most of whom speak Mandarin Chinese. Translate or localize your mobile app and right away you have the potential to tap into a billion-person market. Alongside its mass of consumers, China has an enormous economy full of wealthy businesses and families with money to spend. Take the time to carefully localize all your mobile app and website content. It’ll be worth it.

3. Restructure your international business

Once you have the capacity, consumers, and capital to move into overseas markets, you might have to restructure your business. Fitting the mold of a multi-national company makes your job and relations with foreign business associates much, much easier.

4. Make a more effective marketing strategy

You have a product you’re selling in a foreign market. Your marketing team is all ready to put together a plan of action. So what’s missing? No matter how talented your marketing department is, it’s almost impossible to avoid poor translations or offensive advertisements. That’s why you must work with a team that knows the nitty-gritty about your target audience.

A localization service will make that marketing strategy one you can use anywhere in the world. Targeted messages only work on consumers when the business sending messages knows what they like, want, and need.

5. Compete and conquer

It’s not the dog’s bark that matters, it’s the bite. Your company’s size doesn’t affect how competitive it is, all that matters is your tools and how you use them. A good localization service will help your company produce content and improve its accessibility around the world. Consumers value the willingness of a company to cater to their needs, and this will give your company an edge up when competing with other businesses in the same markets.

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