Voice-Over Translation Services

Often confused with dubbing, voiceover translation is a unique method of relaying spoken information in which the original voice or sound is audible in the background of the translated recording.

ATA Translation Agency provides voiceover translation in a wide range of fields, such as news programs, radio broadcasts, educational videos, advertisements, and interviews and can deliver voiceover translations in more than 300 languages.

Voice Over Services
Top-Quality Translations
We provide services with experienced translators.
We understand the standard of excellence to which all translations should be held, and we deliver voiceover translations to meet all your business and professional.
Professional Voice Actors
We choose the best voice actors for the job.
We guarantee that you will reach all age groups with a team of skilled voice actors and translators.
Supporting All File Formats
You can send us any file format you want.
For your convenience, we accept documents in any format and deliver finished projects in whatever format you need, such as videos, voice recordings, images, and any number of file types.
Prompt Communication
Easy and fast communication.
We take the opinions of our customers seriously, providing updates and demo recordings for all projects and demo recordings. We believe in managing projects together.
How Do We Do Voiceover Translations?

How Do We Do Voiceover Translations?

First, we start either by translating or localizing the original content of the recording and determine the right voice actor to provide a similar and accurate voice to match each individual in the translation.

Our voice actors practice reading the translation in our studio to make sure that the voiceover translation perfectly matches the original recording.

We send you demo recordings of these studio sessions for your approval, and if there is any component of the actor’s voice that doesn’t meet all your needs, we start the process again with a new actor. Your satisfaction and feedback are incredibly important to us.

We sync the reading for the final result. At this stage, we can send you updated demos if you wish.

What kind of transactions do we provide voiceover services for?

We provide voiceover services for all kinds of videos and sound recordings, employing only the most skilled translators and professional voice actors for your projects. We gather detailed information about your project about the source and use of the recording to produce the most accurate and relevant final project as possible.

  • Video games
  • News programs
  • Interviews
  • All other video and audio content