Telecommunications Translation Services

The telecommunications sector is growing at lightning speed with rapid advancements in technology, enabling people to communicate in new ways and consume media from anywhere in the world.

Ata Translation Company offers a wide variety of translation, interpretation, and localization services with a team of language experts readily available to help you with any of your multilingual needs in the telecommunications industry.

Expert Translators
Work with professional, certified translators.
We create special teams for each project with expert translators in the field of telecommunications.
Native Speakers as Translators
Use native speakers to communicate effectively
We only assign translation projects to native speakers to provide you with the most accurate final products possible.
Only Human Translation
Top-quality translations, never by computer programs.
Ata Translation Company only performs human translations.
Quick Turnaround
Quick delivery of your project.
Our expert translators provide quick translation services without sacrificing quality.

App Localization for Telecommunications Companies

The telecommunications sector that has high demands for current and advanced technologies, everything from smartphones to computers. With our app localization services, we can help you translate content on your mobile app to directly appeal to target audiences all over the world.

Localization takes all information, labels, captions, menus, and all other content from a mobile platform and translates it in such a way that will be relevant and suitable for a specific target audience somewhere else in the world, being mindful of cultural nuances, linguistic differences, and dialects.

Utilize our localization services in over 300 languages to inform distant communities about sales campaigns, product deals, and more.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is essential to the continued success of businesses in all sectors and industries but is especially important for telecommunications companies that are constantly working with communication technologies

We employ native speakers as language experts to provide you with the absolute best services available to satisfy all your multilingual digital marketing needs.

Translation services for digital marketing

  • Google AdWords
  • Social media advertisements
  • Online PR
  • All other kinds of digital marketing.