Technical Translation Service

For over 20 years, we have provided premium translation and interpretation services in more than 300 languages for all kinds of technical projects and documents through our skilled team of language experts with sophisticated technical knowledge.

Even the smallest mistakes in measurements or labels on technical documents can be disastrous, which is why Ata Translation Company only employs the most qualified and knowledgeable language experts to deliver a high level of accuracy in our technical translation services.

Only Human Translators
We work to provide only the highest quality of translation with our team of e xperienced human translators.
Available Everywhere
You can reach us anytime, from anywhere in the world. Call us to receive a free price quote or more information about our services.
Certified Translations
We provide certified translations, notarizations, and apostilles for any of your official documents.
All File Formats

You can send your documents in any file format, and we deliver your final translations in whatever format you like.

Technical Interpretation Services

In addition to technical translations, our company also provides professional interpretation services for a variety of events and conferences including thematically technical material, including conferences, business meetings, lectures, and even telephone calls.

Our array of interpretation services includes consecutive, whispered, over-the-phone, simultaneous, and more for any of your multilingual interpretation needs.

All interpreters on our team of language experts are highly proficient in the vocabular and terminology that pertain to technical discussions, enabling them to provide phenomenal services to you, your business associates, or foreign guests.

Technical Translation in all Sectors

Ata Translation Company works with technical documents and projects from virtually all sectors, private and public. Our language experts have a profound knowledge of the terminology, procedural details, and jargon of any industry in which you request our multilingual services.

All our translators have practical skill in all sectors in which they work, including industry certifications, professional knowledge, and experience working directly with translations from that specific industry. You can rest assured knowing we’ll translate all your technical documents, quickly and accurately, regardless of its relevant industry or sector.

Translation in all industries