Secure Translation Services

Ata Translation Company values the privacy and security of all our clients and their projects, which is why we hold strict standards of confidentiality for every translation project we process.

Our language experts are contractually obligated to keep all information within your translation projects secret, never sharing details with third parties under any circumstances.

After completing your project, we store the translation file on our secure servers so that you can request an additional copy free of charge in the future.

We also regularly consult with cybersecurity experts to guarantee a safe and secure system for you to deliver and receive all your translation projects.

Security Translation Services
Cybersecurity Specialists
Tightly regulated system security
Our cybersecurity experts regularly perform system checks and updates.
Security for All Document Types
We accept and securely handle all file types
We are prepared to securely accept, process, and return any translation projects in whatever format they come.
Translators Trained in Security
We train all our translators in cybersecurity
To eliminate the chance of human error, we regularly educate our translators on new practices and procedures that help us guarantee you the highest degree of security for all your projects.

Why So Secure?

Our clients often need to translate documents that contain confidential, private, or personal information. Our reputation and business model rests on the principle of keeping our clients’ information secret and secure, regardless of the subject matter or format of the translation project.

Our Translation Services

  • Medical records
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Confidential documents
  • Emails and other correspondences
  • Transcriptions
  • Software
  • Invoices and bank statements
  • And more

Why do We Need Security?

Because we know how important our clients are to us. Our expert linguists are not only knowledgeable but have training for security.

We bring together trainers to train our staff for various safety measures.

We take strict security measures. Security experts check the networks and computers we use to secure your projects. This ensures the safety of your projects.