Medical Translation Services

When it comes to the accuracy of medical translation and interpretation services, it can be a matter of life and death.

When Ata Translation Company provides its medical translation services for things like medical supply labels, drugs and medicines, and procedural guides, its team of language experts takes the utmost care to provide as accurate of a final product as possible.

We translate all kinds of texts, documents, reports, instructions, and video and audio files in the medical field. We also provide certified translations for any of your official documents.

Our Medical Translation Services

Ata Translation Company works to provide all its multilingual services for a wide variety of documents and projects.

We guarantee quick and accurate translations with our team of medical language specialists.

Our Medical Translation Expertise:

  • Contracts and insurance forms
  • Patient, hospital, and medical reports
  • Medical device user guides
  • Medical articles and research
  • Medical software translations

Medical Interpreting Services

Ata Translation Company performs translations only on written texts. Within the context of instant translation services, we offer medical interpreting services with fluent, native speaking interpreters.

We provide medical interpreting services all over the world. Within hours, expert interpreters will be available for you.

Services provided by medical interpreters:

  • Phone calls and face-to-face meetings
  • Medical conferences and symposiums
  • Whispered interpretation services
  • Consecutive interpretation services
  • Simultaneous interpretation services

Trust the Medical Translation Experts

We only hire translators who have experience working in the medical field to deliver our translation services to eliminate the chance of error.

We also only employ native speakers to work on our team of translators to ensure that only individuals with the highest comprehension of a language are working with that language.

Each of our projects goes through rigorous systems of quality control, proofreading, and editing to make sure the final project that we return to you is as accurate as possible.

Our Medical Transaltion Expertise