Life Science Translation Services

Take advantage of Ata Translation Company’s superb translation, localization, and interpretation services in the field of life sciences.

We have a global team of more than 10,000 language experts readily available to work with all your scientific materials in more than 300 languages.

With scientific translations, every little detail and number is crucial and mistakes during the translation process could be disastrous to the accuracy of your project.

That’s why we only employ native speakers to perform our translation services and require our language experts working with scientific translations to have an extensive background in natural science.

Life Science Translation Services - Ata Translation
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Experienced Translators
We only employ the skills of the most experienced translators.
We require translators to pass rigorous testing and certification procedures before allowing them to provide translation services for our company.
Certified Translations
Easily certify all your official translations
To make it easier for you, we can obtain certifications for all your official translations like notarizations and apostilles in whatever country you need.
Quality Control
We guarantee the highest standard of quality
Before returning any final projects, we implement stringent processes of editing and proofreading to make sure your translations are as accurate as possible.
Academic Publications in Life Science

Academic Publications in Life Science

Universities are major sources of funding for natural and life sciences, meaning that scientists often publish their research in academic journals.

These kinds of publication reflect on the reputation of not only the scientist, but on the university where he or she works as well as the journal where the research is published.

We offer a wide variety of translation, proofreading and editing services for academic research, theses, and many other kinds of academic publications.

With our team of language experts, we can guarantee highly accurate and fluent translations for all your academic publishing needs.

What We Do

We prioritize customer satisfaction and convenience, which is why our clients can submit their translation projects in any format. Ata Translation Company both accepts and delivers multilingual projects in whatever format is requested.

When we first get a new project, we analyze its content, length, and complexity to determine which of our language specialists would be best suited to work on it. After we assemble a team based on document format, relevant experience, we get to work, translating, processing, and returning your project as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our Life Science Expertise

  • Clinical and scientific research
  • Patents and academic research
  • Biotechnical translations
  • All other life science documents.