Legal Translation Services

Ata Translation Company offers legal translation services for all kinds of documents necessary for court, hearings, or legal contracts.

We understand how important ever detail in legal documents is, which is why we only employ native speakers with experience in law on our team to provide our professional translation services for thousands of cases, legal documents, policies, contracts.

Most legal documents require certifications to be legally valid, so Ata Translation Company offers certified translation for all legal translations, including notarizations and apostilles, in over 300 languages.

Our Legal Translation Services

  • Service agreements
  • Legal contracts
  • Accident reports
  • Witness statements
  • All other legal documents
Professional Legal Translation Services
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We prioritize speed and quality in all our translation services, meaning we make every effort to return your translated documents in the shortest amount of time possible.
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We accept and return translation projects in whatever file format you like.
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In legal translations, we offer quality and speed experience with our pricing strategy. You can immediately get an offer from us immediately by filling out the form.

Native Speakers

Ata Translation Company believes that the best person to translate your documents is a native speaker in the target language.

It reduces the possibility that your translations will be inaccurate, choppy, or flawed, and a native speaker automatically has the skills to go through your translations and edit them.

We have native speakers working in combinations of more than 300 languages to provide flawless translations for all your legal documents.

Certified Translations

With our global team of language experts, we make it easy to get certified translations for all your official legal documents and translations. Legal documents are almost always official, and government agencies everywhere require certificates or verifications of authenticity.

It’s often difficult enough to get a certified translation in your own country, but when you’re trying to get something like a notarization or apostille in a different, country, that’s where we come to help. Our team knows how to work through all the rules in regulations in each country to make it easy for you to get certified translations anywhere in the world.


Immigration Court Interpreting

We are on your side in all your legal translations. We are working not only for the translation of written documents but also to allow you to be best represented before the courts in interpreting.

You can immediately benefit from our immigration court services with our native speak interpreters holding legal terminology. The experienced interpreter we have appointed for you will take its place in court as soon as possible.

Immigration Services

  • Immigration interview
  • Marriage and divorce documents
  • Hospital reports
  • All immigraton files