Human Translation Services

We only utilize the skills of actual human translators to provide all our services, never relying on computer programs.

Many other translation companies work with computer programs to deliver their services, but Ata Translation Company believes that humans can deliver the highest standard of excellence in translation projects.

We only work with the most qualified and exceptional language experts to provide you with the fastest and most accurate service possible. For each individual translation project we assemble a team of specialists to rigorously analyze, translate, scrutinize, proofread, and edit.

Translator Criteria:

  • Must be a native speaker
  • Must have a vast knowledge of industry- and sector-specific vocabulary
  • Must have translator certifications
  • Must have proven skills to provide quick and accurate translations

Advantages of Human Translations

With advancements in linguistic and translation technologies, there are numerous services and programs out there today that claim to be able to instantly produce accurate and reliable translations.

But we know for a fact that there is no translation service that comes close to matching the high standards set by our team of translation experts.

Some prevalent issues in the ability of computer programs to translate content are words that have multiple meanings, terminology specific to a certain industry or sector, and conveying emotion or personality.

Oftentimes, government agencies in some countries only provide certifications of authenticity for human translations.