Government Translation Services

We approach all government translations with a high degree of professionalism, offering services in translation, interpretation, and localization with certified translators in more than 300 languages.

Our team of highly skilled editors, we apply rigorous standards of quality and accuracy and guarantee error-free translations to be delivered quickly and efficiently.

24/7 Available
Contact us at any time
You can receive a quote from us within minutes, at any time of the day, from anywhere in the world.
Certified Translations
We offer all kinds of certification processes.
With our global team of translators and language experts, we can offer notarizations and apostilles in all of the languages that we offer.
All File Formats
Send us whatever file formats you like
We accept all kinds of file formats and deliver your final projects in whatever format you like.
All Sectors and Industries
We focus on sectoral expertise.
We have experience in virtually all sectors and industries. We only assign work to translators with significant experience in industry-specific terminology and jargon, guaranteeing error-free translations.
Government Interpreting Services

Government Interpreting Services

Government interpretation services require superior proficiency and expertise, which is why we only work with interpreters who have proven themselves through professional experience and certification procedures to have an impeccable command of their languages.

Utilize our interpretation services to host foreign visitors, officials, and business associates to ensure their ease of communication and comfort.

Government Interpretation Services

Leisure and Tourism Translation Services

The tourism sector is a significant source of income for governments, and with international travel becoming more commonplace, officials and governments agencies are interacting more and more with foreigners and tourists.

We offer a wide range of services, including brochure, advertisement, and website translations.

Ata Translation Company will provide you with top-quality translations to allow you to cater to the linguistic needs and limitations of foreign nationals.