Educational Translation Services

Ata Translation Company provides top quality translations for students, instructors, and educational institutions. We achieve a high level of accuracy for all your academic translations by employing only native speakers as translators.

We believe that perfectly translated transcripts, academic articles, training documents, and books should reflect the importance of education in our lives and our success, which is why we apply a rigorous process of editing to make sure that all your educational translations are as precise and accurate as possible.

Services Available

  • Textbooks
  • Brochures
  • Training programs
  • Résumés
  • Academic articles
  • Transcripts and student certificates
  • Education certificates
  • E-learning translations
  • Diplomas
  • All other education services.
Education Translation Services
Team of Expert Translators
We only work with experts.
Our language experts have successfully translated a wide variety of academic articles, theses, and training books, by assigning tasks to translators with professional expertise in education and academic translation.
Certified Translations
We provide a variety of different services.
We offer certified translation services for all our educational translations, quickly obtaining notarizations and apostilles as needed.
Only Human Translations
Our passion is professional translation services.
We only utilize human translation at ATA Translation Company to guarantee accuracy and quality with all our translation services.
Competitive Prices
Guaranteed best prices.
We offer competitive pricing for all our translation services. Email or call us to get a free quote or learn more about our services.
Transcription Services

Transcription Services

Ata Translation Company offers translation services for both written notes and audio recordings of lectures in more than 300 different languages.

We aren’t afraid of poor-quality recordings, because with our cutting-edge software, our expert team of translators can filter out sound defects in the recordings you send us.

We accept files in whatever format and deliver finished projects however you like, whether it be through a mobile application, email, mail, or fax.

Thesis Proofreading Services

Grammar and style are crucial towards the effectiveness of all your theses and academic papers. Even the smallest punctuation errors can be disastrous for publications about statistics or economics.

Our team of editors at Ata Translation has professional experience working at newspapers and magazines and tirelessly scrutinizes all your projects and papers so that the finished product is error-free and complies with all the relevant rules and procedures of academic publishing.

Thesis Translation Services

Certified Translations of Education Documents

Educational institutions often require certifications of authenticity like notarizations or apostilles for academic documents from foreign countries.

While different countries and government agencies have different rules for certifying translations, we have a global network of professionals that are well-versed in the specific rules and guidelines for obtaining notarizations and apostilles and can quickly produce and certify translated documents.