College Transcripts Translation Services

Certified translations of academic transcripts and other types of educational documents are often required when study at foreign institutions.

Having provided transcription translations for over 20 years, we can guarantee validity, speed, and accuracy in all our certified translations of enrollment documentation, lecture notes, program degrees, and more.

We employ native speakers as translators to ensure the highest accuracy and quality of all our translations.

College Transkripts Translations
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Certified Translation

Some kinds of transcription translation require certification or verification of its authenticity. Ata Translation Company provides certified translations in many different countries, in compliance with local laws.

With extensive knowledge and experience obtaining certifications of authenticity for our translations, we can offer services like notarizations and apostilles in many countries.

Education Translations

Translations of educational documents have to be flawless, so we offer proofreading services for theses, articles, and general assignments.

We fill our language expert teams up with native speakers in more than 300 different languages and thoroughly review completed translations with our team of editors to ensure accuracy and high standards of excellence in all our services.

What kind of educational documents do we offer services for?

  • Education certificates
  • Transcripts
  • Student certificates
  • Diplomas
  • Application forms
  • All other educational documents.
Education Translation Services