Certified Translation Services

Certified translations are signed documents that accompany a translation that verifies the authenticity of the translation. Producing certified translations can entail complicated or difficult procedures depending on the country and government agency.

Luckily, ATA Translation Agency processes all kinds of certified translations in accordance with all relevant laws and guidelines, directing documents to notaries, organizations that issue official approval, and lawyers. We sign and stamp all translations before sending them back to you.

Our company has a worldwide network, more than 20 years of experience, and all the country-specific knowhow necessary to smoothly and quickly complete all approval procedures. We advise you to contact local officials or research online the specific type of official certification required for your translated documents.

Most Requested Official Documents

  • Passports
  • IDs
  • Death certificates
  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage and divorce documents
  • Driver’s licenses
  • Student documents
  • Transcripts
  • Citizenship certificates
  • Criminal records
  • Health reports
  • Financial statements.
All Certificates
Our company can provide all types of certifications and verifications of authenticity.
All Over the World
You can benefit from our certified translation services anywhere in the world.
Fast Approval
We quickly complete certification translations and other approval processes with notaries and lawyers.
Native Speakers
We offer the highest quality of service by employing only native speakers as translators.

Cerftication Services for Immigration

Immigration authorities often require the most official or most extensive certifications for translated documents. ATA Translation Agency can fulfill all translation and certification requests with speed and quality, all at affordable prices.

Errors or exclusions from citizenship and immigration applications can result in fines or penalties, so so it is crucial to be sure you deliver the most accureate and error-free translations of official documents.

For USCIS documents, or company provides only translation and certification services, but we also provide extensive immigration translation services in many countries, including member states in the European Union.

We offer multiple services beyond written translations like over-the-phone and immigration- court interpretation services.

Our Immigration Translation Services

  • Immigration court translation.
  • Over-the-phone translation services
  • Immigration applications.
  • Certificated translations

What Are Apostilles?

The 1961 Hague Treaty brought an international system of document verification known as apostilles. In the countries that signed this agreement, files must go through specific processes to become certified. But after obtaining an apostille, you can use it in any other countrie that signed the treaty.

Where Can You Obtain an Apostille?

Governmenet agencies usually issue apostilles, but each country has its own procedures for obtaining an apostille for an official document.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ata Translation Agency can perform certified translation operations on any project you want, even if it is not an official document.

In some countries, translation certificates denote official documents without requiring any additional institutional approval.

Different countries have different rules and regulations for certified translations. In some places, individual translators and translation agencies can provide the certified translation themselves.

After translating a document, our company attaches a certified translation, seals it and, if requested, sends it to the appropriate official for further certifications.