Business Translation Services

Do you want the translations that your business requires to be done by professionals? If so, let’s work together. Ata Translation Company works with translators who have expertise in various aspects of business, including international entrepreneurship, interviews, financial reports, and business writing.

Providing business translation services for 20 years has taught us the value and motivations for companies to expand into international. We support your growing business by quickly producing highly accurate translations and projects.

We conduct translation and localization services by assigning project coordinators and translators according to their expertise. You can receive a free quote or request assistance on a 24/7 basis.

Business Interpretation Services Ata Translation

Business Interpretation Services

In addition to professional translation services, we also offer professional interpretation services for businesses. We provide our interpretation services in meetings, telephone conversations, business dinners, or conferences with native speakers as interpreters.

When providing interpretation services, we specifically assign interpreters who have professional experience in the relevant experienced in the related sectors. Sectoral expertise is of great importance for quality translations.

We also supply all equipment necessary for interpretation services, so you don’t have to worry

We provide all kind of interpreting services

Industry-Specific Expertise

We pay attention to the sector you are operating in to deliver sector specific translations. High-quality translations are not obtained unless the right translators are employed for the professional human translation process.

We have more than 5,000 translators with expertise in different work fields. For instance, for any work in the energy sector, linguists who have worked in the energy sector for a long period of time are assigned.

Our Industry-Specific Expertise

  • Energy
  • Information technology
  • E-Commerce
  • Aviation
  • Insurance
  • Transport
  • Telecoms
  • Leisure and tourism
  • Import-export
  • All other sectors.
All Sector Expertise

What do we do?

Our primary goal is to meet the translation demands of your business from the smallest to the largest and most comprehensive projects. We are able to quickly complete and return projects thanks to our goal-oriented approach to providing services like localization.

With our internationalization team, we restructure the projects that you plan to distribute to multiple countries so that we can promptly alter them for you to use in whichever country and language you like.

We determine the most appropriate methods for you by utilizing a comprehensive project management. If this requires transcreation or localization process, we compile and present a report detailing all necessary information.

Our Business Translation Services:

  • Contract translation
  • Business writings
  • Digital marketing
  • Financial reports
  • Legal translation
  • Human resources
  • Transportation documents
  • All other business documents.