Proofreading Services

ATA Translation Agency offers high-quality proofreading services for all your documents and publications with our team of experienced editors.

We submit your translated documents to rigorous proofreading processes to eliminate errors in grammar, syntax, punctuation, and structure.

Our proofreading specialists work specifically on projects with which they are experienced to make sure that we proofread your documents appropriately as they relate to different industries and sectors.

We offer our proofreading services in more than 300 languages. Call us from anywhere in the world to benefit from our services and get a free price quote.

Why Use Our Proofreading Services?

Proofreading services help you produce documents and projects that are highly accurate, error-free, and ready for professional or official use. We assemble teams of editors to make sure that your final project holds up to our stringent standards of quality.

Our Proofreading Expertise:
  • Theses documents
  • Academic articles
  • Scientific research
  • Research results
  • Biographies
  • Project documents and reports
  • Presentations
  • All other document types

We can carry out proofreading services for any kind of document.


We determine the price of each project based on the language, terminology, length of document, guaranteeing competitive and affordable prices.

The duration of each project changes depending on its length and complexity, but with our team of language experts and collaborative style of management, we complete and return projects as quickly as possible.

We provide our proofreading services in more than 300 languages. If your language isn’t listed on our languages page, please contact us to see if we work with your target language.

We hire only native speakers to provide all our services, guaranteeing a high standard of accuracy and quality in all your multilingual projects.