Software Localization Services

Preparing multilingual versions of your software allows you to reach more audience internationally. ATA Translation Agency provides high-quality software localization services.

We can help you reach high-profit markets by producing permanent and effective solutions for your needs.

The Right Choice for Your Business

Our multilingual localization specialists analyze your software and target population to determine the methods and layouts that are most effective in different languages and cultures, helping you to provide more tailored products to your customers.

Human Translators
We only work with human translators.
We only employ humans to deliver all our translations services, never relying on a computer program.
Software Experts
Teams of software specialists
All members of the team that will work on your project are experts in software, allowing them to be involved in all stages of the localization process.
Certified Translators
Proven and trusted professionals.
Every language expert that works at ATA Translation Agency has earned the relevant certifications in his or her country.

Software Localization for All Sectors

To best serve the specific needs of each localization project, we assemble a team of language experts who have previous experience working in relevant sectors.

  • User interface
  • User guides
  • Documents in XHTML, HTML, XML
  • Browsers
  • Games
  • Security – Antivirus
  • Software training and e-Learning
  • File sharing – transfers
  • ERP & CRM
  • Remote desktop systems
  • Multimedia
  • Game development kits
  • Office
  • Multi-player networking
  • All other software types

Most Demanded Languages

  • C#
  • Java
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • C
  • PHP
  • C++

What Software Fields Do We Work in?

ATA Translation Agency works in whatever software language necessary.

When we first analyze your project and give you a proposal, we assemble a team with experts in any relevant software language.

We have professionals readily available to work with popular software languages like Java, C#, PHP, and Erlang.