Game Localization Services

In recent decades, the video game industry has grown to be a huge segment of the technology and multimedia industries. With technological advances in electronic devices and communication, it’s now easy for anyone to find, purchase, and play video games from all over the world.

Game systems now offer the option to purchase video games online, making it an easy and simple process for gamers to browse the internet to find titles that look interesting.

But for gamers all over the world to be interested in buying your game, you have to make sure it catches their eye. The best way to do that? Localize your game so it’s in a language and dialect that any group of target consumers can understand.

Ata Translation Company helps video game producers to make their games suitable and relevant to target any group of people around the world, giving them a step up in selling their product and developing their business.

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To make it convenient for our customers, we accept and deliver localization projects in any file format requested.
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Only native speakers provide our localization service so your final project will be clear, concise, and accurate.
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Meet Your Gaming Needs

We can answer all your questions about languages, markets to introduce your game, and more. With our team of game localization experts, we are readily available to meet all your needs in the gaming industry.

We constantly communicate with you and your business throughout the duration of the localization process to provide you with updates about your game and integrate any of your ideas, suggestions, or critiques into the project.

In addition to localization, we also provide dubbing, subtitling, transcreation, and voiceover services for games.

Our Game Localization Expertise:

  • Game handbooks
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Voice-over
  • Internationalization
  • All other gaming needs

Introduce Your Game to the World

Give your game a chance to compete in markets around the world, use our service to introduce your product to new consumer populations, and find support and fans all over the world to help your business grow.

With our localization services, we help you produce a game with language and themes that are applicable to a specific target population. We also counsel you and help you construct a marketing strategy so that your game’s launch is as smooth and effective as possible with services like digital marketing, SEO, and targeted ad campaigns.

Utilize our interpretation services for gaming conferences, business communication, and more. We only hire native speakers to work on our team of interpreters to provide smooth and error-free interpretation services.

Know Your Target Language

We have delivered video game localization services in many languages to help video game creators successfully introduce their product into new markets. But not just anybody can localize a game, even if they are proficient in the source and target languages.

Only video game specialists work on our localization team, because only those with experience in the video game industry can properly translate video-game-specific language and effectively work with your game.

This also helps us make sure that your target audience will enjoy the game just like how gamers enjoy it in the source language. Our team works to provide a fluent, clean, and flawless final product to give your new gamers the best experience possible.