App Translation and Localization Service for Android, iOS

Mobile app stores are open internationally, meaning anyone in the world can download and use your app. But if users don’t know the app’s original language, then your audience is going to be limited, and you need to figure out how to expand your app’s reach. We provide professional localization services to help you take your mobile application and make it so that consumers all over the world can download, use, and clearly understand it in more than 300 languages.

Benefits of App Localization:

  • High response rate
  • Increase international traffic
  • Improve download rates
  • Introduce your app globally
300+ Languages
Service in global languages
We provide localization services in more than 300 languages from all over the world.
Human Translation
Never rely on machines
Humans translators deliver our multilingual services, never machine translation.
Native Speaker
Translations by locals
We hire native speakers to provide our services to guarantee quality and accuracy.
App Specialists
Tech experts
Our localization teams work one-on-one to implement your app as effectively as possible.

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App Translation or App Localization?

App translators deal with the differences in dialects including things like currency, legal terms, units of measurement, and different meanings of a single word. The translation of an app conveys the direct meaning behind the source content to users in a different language.

App localization, however, comprises of a much more complicated process where teams of experts translate and emphasize specific characteristics of the source language in the project. Our team of localization experts produces a customized translation of the app so that users will find it relatable and easy to understand.

Certifed Human Translation

Our human translators work throughout all stages of the translation and localization processes, performing all operations manually and carrying out detailed market research to garner a high response to your projects.

You can rest easy knowing that our translators are certified, highly skilled, and will translate your app accurately and effectively.


Android 99%
iOS 98%
Windows 98%
Blackberry 97%
Others 95%
File Analysis

We thoroughly research your file, target languages, and consumer populations and assemble a project team based on various elements of the project, like file extensions, operating system, and language.

These teams consist of localization experts, editors, IT specialists, and translators, and they help us provide you detailed information and updates about the project.

App and Source Analysis

The team will examine both the files you send us and reviews of the app found online, producing a detailed analysis of your app’s competitors both domestically and among the target consumers.

Our team is now ready to translate and localize your app.

Review and Edit

We begin to work, coordinating details with you and continuously editing the original analysis, files, and project.

Our team examines assigns, and implements various tasks, operational priorities, and similar duties at this stage of the localization process.

Translation and Localization

Providing you with updates about the project, the team begins to translate and localize your mobile application. These processes vary in length based on certain variables like the number of languages ​​and the files, the type of service the app itself provides, and the size and complexity of the application.

But with of our advanced project management system, we offer at least 99.9% accuracy in the final output.

Project Completion and Translation Memory

The team completes the localization project and creates a backup copy of of your app that we store on our secure servers.

We do this so that we can provide you with a free copy of the project again in the future without forcing you to go through the entire localization process again.

Controls and Delivery

A new team conducts an assessment of the completed app translation and localization projects and performs a variety of tests as it goes through a rigorous review process.

We will deliver you the app translation along with the controls of the project.

Localized Elements

  • App description
  • Graphics
  • Cultural elements
  • Application usage
  • Help/contact pages
  • User interface

This list can be expanded to include different sections and components depending on the nature and structure of your app.