Professional Whispered Interpretation Services

ATA Translation Agency offers whispered interpretation services as a form of instant translation in small groups of people. The interpreter quickly whispers a translation of a speaker to the customer in his or her native language.

Whispered intepretation services are generally ideal for small groups, where most individuals are familiar with the source language.

ATA Translation Agency believes that interpreters must have an excellent command of both languages as they relate to the topic of the meeting or and offers high-quality interpretation service all over the world.


24/7 Service

You can reach us at any hour of the day. We quickly organize interpreters for various services.

Available All Around the World

With a global team of interpreters, you can benefit from our whispered interpretation services anywhere in the world.

Native Speakers as Interpreters

We only employ native speakers to provide our interpretation services.

Experts in All Industries and Sectors

We only send interpreters who are well-versed in the terminology and relevant subject matter to provide our interpretation services.

Difference Between Whispered and Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive interpretation is a commonly used instant interpretation method that is preferred for larger gatherings, like press conferences, business luncheons, and city tours.

The biggest difference between consecutive interpretation and whispered interpretation is the size of the target group. Whispered interpretation services typically work most effectively for a limited number of clients and is less expensive

In consecutive interpretation, the speaker pauses after two or three sentences and pause to allow interpreters to translate the content of the speech, while whispered interpretation most resembles simultaneous interpretation.

Increased Popularity of Whispered Interpretation

Whispered interpretation has been used more frequently in recent years, and ATA Translation Agency is readily available to provide whispered interpretation services in over 300 languages to meet the growing demand. Speaker interpreters for more than 300 languages.