Simultaneous Interpretation Services

Simultaneous interpretation is one of the most difficult translation and interpretation services, consisting of an interpreter providing a verbal translation of a speech as it is being delivered. It requires intense focus and concentration and allows no room for error as the interpreter does not pause to take notes while the speaker continues to speak.

The interpreter listens to the speaker or speakers from what’s called a cabinet using a pair of headphones, providing a direct translation into the target language of everything the speaker says. Due to the difficulty of this kind of interpretation, we recommend multiple interpreters for larger events to guarantee accuracy and consistency with the interpretation.

ATA Translation Agency offers professional interpretation services in hundreds of languages for a variety of events and gatherings, including business meetings and dinners, conferences and panels, and more.

Professional Interpretation Services - Ata Translation

Only Native Speakers

ATA Translation Agency only works with native interpreters for simultaneous translations.

ATA Translation Agency works only with native interpreters for simultaneous translations.

Global Team of Interpreters

We provide simultaneous translations all around the world.

We provide simultaneous translations all around the world.

High-Quality Equipment

The equipment used during simultaneous translation is high quality and is provided by our firm.

The equipment used during simultaneous translation is high quality and is provided by our firm.

Interpreters with Experience

We guarantee all our interpreters are highly experienced, have extensive professional backgrounds, and can provide a flawless interpretation.

There is no error margin in simultaneous translations. ATA translation Agency works only with experienced interpreters to ensure this.

Simultaneous Interpreting Greek

Industry-Specific Expertise

ATA Translation Agency works with 750 simultaneous interpreters world-wide who were selected based on their industry-specific expertise and grasp of difficult terminology and jargon.

With more than 10 years’ experience in simultaneous interpretation, we can guarantee a smooth and comfortable interpretation experience for all our clients.

Our Interpretation Expertise:
  • Symposiums, conferences and panels
  • Education seminars
  • Product launch activities
  • Live broadcasts
Our Interpretation Equipment:
  • Stands and microphones
  • Interpreter’s cabinet
  • Voice recording equipment
  • Headphones

Simultaneous Interpretation Requires Expertise

ATA Translation Agency only hires the most qualified language experts to provide all its interpretation services, as simultaneous interpretation requires a vastly different set of skills than regular translation.

To keep the process as simple and accurate as possible, we only employ native speakers to provide our interpretation services and require interpreters to have a high proficiency in its jargon and terminology before delivering interpretation services related to a specific industry.

Simultaneous Translation Requires Expertise


ATA Translation Agency provides all the equipment necessary for each individual interpretation project as it relates to the venue.

We determine our prices based on length of the event, language or languages interpreted, topic and theme of the event, and the technology used.

We have the equipment for audiences of up to 10,000 people to listen to the interpretation.

As with any technology, there is always a chance that errors can occur. However, we use the highest quality of technology and equipment to assure you that we will deliver the highest quality of interpretation.