Over The Phone Interpretation Services

Speaking over the phone allows a certain degree of intimacy in all kinds of conversations and interviews, and it brings the benefit of being possible from anywhere in the world. However, no degree of communication technology is going to be useful if relevant parties don’t speak each other’s languages.

ATA Translation Agency provides special over-the-phone interpretation services to help you communicate effectively and comfortably from wherever is convenient for you. We also provide our interpretation services for international telephone conversations in more than 300 languages.

We only employ native speakers to deliver our over-the-phone interpretation services to make sure your interpreter speaks the language clearly and accurately with a perfect accent, improving understandability in all your multilingual telephone conversations.

24/7 Availability
Call us anytime you want to get a free price quote, more information about the services we offer, or to get updates on ongoing projects.
Certified Translations
Our globally-employed translators have internationally valid language certificates.
ATA Translation Agency provides telephone conversation translations within strict confidentiality principles.

Specialized Interpreters

ATA Translation Agency employs different native speakers as interpreters depending on their specific industry expertise to provide its clients with the highest standard of interpretation services.

We help our clients communicate instantaneously, conveniently, and effectively in all their business and professional needs.

In addition to over-the-phone interpretation, we also provide video conversation translation services with our skilled team of interpreters.

Immigration Bureau
You can use our interpretation services to speak with immigration bureaus on the phone.
Health Sector
We offer our interpretation services for telephone conversations between medical professionals and between medical professionals and patients.
Legal Interpretation Services
Our company works to provide all sorts of legal interpretation services, so you can communicate with legal professionals over the phone comfortably and conveniently.