Professional Interpretation Services

Professional Interpretation Services

Ata Translation Agency offers services such as translation, transcreation, editing, localization, interpretation, and more. We provide simultaneous, consecutive, over-the-phone, conference, and whispered interpretation services at affordable prices.

Our Interpretation Expertise

  • Meetings
  • Court hearings
  • Conferences
  • Phone calls
  • Video conferences
  • Panels
  • Symposiums
  • All other interpreting needs
24/7 Service
Easily reachable.
You can contact us 24/7 for information about our prices for all translation and interpretation services.
Skilled Interpreters
Experienced and well equipped team.
With qualified interpreters, we offer the best services in many areas. We can organize successful meetings, telephonic conversations, business events, and more.
Affordable Price
Most affordable prices for interpretation.
We guarantee a competitive price for all our interpretation services all over the world.
Interpreting Equipment

Interpretation Equipment

ATA Translation Agency offers the latest equipment to prevent technical problems and efficiently complement our interpretation services. We have experience in hosting multilingual programs and events, and we offer interpreters for both small- and large-scale conferences, meetings, interviews, and more.

Our interpreters’ toolboxes are full of equipment like microphones, headphones, special recording equipment, and more. We bring the tools and gear that best fits the needs of each event we work to make your interpretation experience as convenient and comfortable as possible.

Skilled Interpreters

With our experienced interpreters, we provide perfect communication in your preferred language. You can request 24/7 service from our interpretation team, which has worked at international conferences, panels, and symposiums for many years.

Our company has an international network, and our highly organized teams are readily available all over the world. Contact us by phone or email to receive a free quotation for interpretation services.

Interpretation Services

Language Experts as Interpreters

In oral translation, it is important to have the native speaking skills in both languages and knowledge of the topic. For example, in a medical conference, we expect our interpreters to be at least as knowledgeable as the speaker in terms of medical terminology and jargon.

To guarantee that our interpreters will deliver high quality services, we assign only the most experienced interpreters for all technical, medical, legal, and industrial events.

Court Interpretation Services

Our experienced legal interpreters are available to help you effectively communicate in a legal setting for immigration hearings and other court proceedings in jurisdictions all over the world.