Refund Policy

1) Should the nature of the translation or word count vary from what was gained from sources of materials, Ata Translation Company shall have no responsibility to complete the assigned task for the price quoted. It is necessary to amended delivery date and completion of the job to provide the client with a corrected quote. In the case of not accepting the right quote, the client can ask for full refund.

2) In respect of the affected services, Ata Translation Company won’t have any objection to providing a return for the customer.

  1. The client prefers to terminate the contract with no requirement of translation anymore.
  2. From the specified delivery date in the Accepted Quote, the translation isn’t delivered r four working days. However, the lack of instructions shared by the client (despite asking by Ata Translation Company repeatedly) would never give them any favor regarding fee return.
  3. When the deliverables as per customer’s expectations are significantly distinctive from the file sent to them. For instance, the profane language has been used to translate content.
  4. If the gross errors are available in deliverable and client doesn’t ask for making revisions (within the particular period). However, the client shall not be eligible for a refund if the changes are requested, or mistakes are identified post the stipulated deadline.

3) The refunded payment will be 100 percent of the paid amount in any of the situation of monetary return. Make sure that the ten working days of sending assignments are given to claim for the monetary refund.

  1. Making phone calls will not be enough to send refund request. The company only responds to emails (sent to the official email address) for sending the request. When creating the text for email, you are required to include a name of a company (Ata Translation Company), commissioning date, a name of individual who received payment. The email id used to deal with the company about getting assistance (regarding services) and the way of transferring payment i.e. cash, remittance, credit card etc.
  2. As requested before dispatching any source materials by Ata Translation Company, the client has to complete checklist providing the glossary terms, reserved words, language tone, audience, overview and appropriate background.
  3. It would not be effective that where applicable the client has explained why any rectifications proposed by Ata Translation Company.
  4. The customer has no right to use critical deliverables sent by the company in full or in part for commercial, business, a personal or other business which has been stated by undertaking (submitted to Ata Translation and endorsed by the client).
  5. The requests for refunds may take up to 15 days for processing and investigation while the company will endeavor to investigate and applicability for return processing of receipt of refund within five working days. Whether a return is necessary or not can be determined through a reply (which shall be sent to the client after one day). The company will counsel the customer in writing about the payment method for a refund if Ata Translation Company determines that request of return meets the policy’s requirements.