San Jose Translation Services

San Jose is a very important city in the California economy, being the home of Silicon Valley and its massive technology companies.

Its close proximity to many national and state parks makes tourism a main factor in the thriving economy of California.

Ata Translation Company offers a wide range of translation, interpretation, and localization services in San Jose to meet all your multilingual needs for all industries and sectors in more than 300 languages.

San Jose Translation & Localization Services

Website Localization Services

In today’s globalized world, expanding business overseas and tapping into foreign markets has become necessary for a company’s survival. Luckily,

Ata Translation Company offers localization services in more than 300 languages to help your business succeed in all its international endeavors.

With our website localization services, we translate your website content so target audiences overseas can understand and relate to your business’ marketing messages.

Our Website Localization Expertise:

  • Keyword search and SEO
  • Meta description
  • Language codes
  • Headings and captions
  • Content-structure compatibility
  • Cultural sensitivity and relevance

Mobile App Localization Services

Mobile phones have become so integrated into our daily lives that some people don’t think they could survive without them. With the ease of access to social media, instant messaging, and the internet, it’s easy to understand why making your mobile app multilingual could help your app succeed in the global market.

With our mobile app localization services, we analyze the interface, headings, and condensed content of your mobile application to make sure foreign target populations can easily use and comprehend its content.

We utilize various techniques to make sure all translated content is formatted correctly and easily viewable on a mobile device to make your mobile app as effective as possible.


Software Localization Services

Regardless of what type of device your target consumers use, whether it’s a mobile phone, desktop computer, or tablet, everybody would prefer to communicate and read about a product or service in his or her native language.

With our software localization services, we prepare multilingual versions of your desktop software to make it easily accessible and usable by target populations around the world.

Our Software Localization Expertise

  • User guides and interfaces
  • Documents in numerous coding languages
  • Software like web browsers, games, and security
  • Educational software
  • All other types of software

Interpretation Services

We provide a variety of interpretation services in San Jose in virtually all industries and sectors, including hospitality, leisure and tourism, immigration, legal, finance, medical, IT, multimedia, and more.

We only select interpreters who are highly proficient and experienced in its jargon and terminology to provide our translation services in a specific industry.

We provide simultaneous, consecutive, whispered, and over-the-phone interpretation services for all kinds of events and gatherings, like business meetings, conferences and panels, lectures, dinners, and more.

Interpreting Services in San Jose