Sacramento Translation Services

As the capital of the largest and wealthiest state in the United States, Sacramento is home to many different international companies and is an important economic center for finance, healthcare, and technology.

With over 20 years of experience working in more than 300 languages around the world, Ata Translation Company offers professional translation services in a variety of sectors like import-export, IT, marketing, and more.

We also offer localization, interpretation, and proofreading services, along with certified translations to submit official translations to government agencies.

Sacramento Translation Services

Our Document Translation Services in Sacramento

We believe that our global team of language professionals who have experience working with all types of documents and files has contributed to our ability to provide top-notch document translation services to all our clients.

We make your job easier by helping you get certified translations for all your official documents and applications, including notarizations and apostilles.

We work with a variety of legal documents as well, including marriage and divorce certificates, driver’s licenses, hospital and medical records, tax documents, and more.

Interpretation Services

We offer expert interpretation services in Sacramento with a team of language experts readily available to provide simultaneous, consecutive, over-the-phone, and whispered interpretation services.

Host foreign guests and business associates comfortably and conveniently and utilize our interpreters for all kinds of events like business dinners, meetings, conferences, lectures, and more.

Interpreting Equipment