New York City Translation

Ata Translation Company works to provide a wide variety of translation, localization, and interpretation services in New York City, the largest city in the United States and the global capital of finance and world trade.

We offer all our services in more than 300 languages, like Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, German, French, and Portuguese and can easily obtain certifications such as notarizations and apostilles for all your official translations.

Our team of language experts are readily available to provide many localization services, like website localization and app localization, where we translate and adjust content specifically for the cultural and linguistic needs of a specific target population.

New York City Translation Services - Ata Translation
Sectoral Expertise in New York City

Industry-Specific Expertise

Many international companies have set up shop in New York City, making it a hub of languages and multiculturalism as well as global trade. We have over 10,000 language experts who have experience translating documents from virtually all sectors and industries.

We believe that the best translator for the job is one who is familiar with the specific terminology and jargon of an industry, and so we assemble project teams based on where translators have worked previously and what sector they have done the most translation work.

Our Industry Expertise in New York City:

Immigration Translation Services

Our expert team of translators and interpreters are readily available to quickly process and accurately translate all your immigration and citizenship documents.

We accept all kinds of documents relating to the immigration and citizenship application process, including USCIS applications.

Translators who provide our immigration translation services are natives speakers who have extensive background working with legal and immigration documents.

Our Immigration Translation Services:

  • Immigration court interpretation
  • Passports and visa applications
  • Transcripts and diplomas
  • Birth and death certificates
  • Hospital records
  • Marriage and divorce certificates
  • Legal documents
  • Immigration documents
Immigration Services İn New York City
Leisuıre and Tourism Translation Services in New Yok City

Leisure and Tourism Translation Services

New York City is one of the largest tourist hubs in the world, with more than 10 million international tourists and 60 million international visitors each year. Tourism is huge, and that’s why we provide high-quality translation services for all your documents relating to the leisure and tourism industry.

We work to provide services like website localization, digital marketing services, transcreation and more to international airline companies, hotels, museums, and tourism agencies.

Interpretation Services

Our team of native speakers are prepared to provide interpretation services for all your business gatherings and professional events in and around New York City. We provide our interpretation services to all sorts of multilingual events in more than 300 languages.

New York City. We provide our interpretation services to all sorts of multilingual events in more than 300 languages.

In the past, we have worked at business dinners, large and small meetings, conferences and panels, lectures, and more. Host your foreign guests and business associates with comfort and convenience.