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One of the southernmost cities in the United States and a cultural hub of Florida, Miami has a thriving economy of finance, media, education, tourism, fashion, and more. With a sizeable Hispanic population residing in southern Florida, many newspapers, radio stations, and TV stations broadcast in Spanish around Miami.

Ata Translation Company offers a wide arrange of translation, interpretation, and localization services in and around Miami, including certified translations like notarizations and apostilles for all your official documents.

Miami Translation & Localization Services
All File Formats
Send us files in any format.
We accept and deliver all your translation projects in whatever file format you like.
Only Human Translation
Never rely on a computer program
Ata Translation Company only uses human translators to provide its translation services.
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You can contact us at any time you want, from anywhere. Our customer representatives work to provide quality service every hour of the day.
Interpretation Services Miami - Ata Translation

Miami Interpretation Services

Our interpreters are readily available to work in over 300 languages in Miami at all kinds of events to provide simultaneous, consecutive, whispered, and over-the-phone interpretation services.

We have experience providing interpretation services at events and gatherings like business meetings and dinners, conferences and panels, lectures, interviews, and more.

Industry-Specific Expertise in Miami

We only employ language experts to work in the fields, industries, or sectors that they are most experienced. We believe that those who understand the terminology and jargon associated with a specific industry can produce the highest quality of translation.

If you are a business looking to expand to overseas markets, call one of our customer service representatives to learn more about our localization and transcreation services. We look at the specific language, culture, and dialect of your specific target audience to produce the most accurate and effective marketing content possible.

Our Industry-Specific Expertise:

Sectoral Expertises in Miami