Los Angeles Translation Services

We offer professional translation, interpretation, and website localization services at competitive prices in more than 300 languages in Los Angeles. Contact us 24/7 for a free price quote, more information about our services, or updates about ongoing projects.

Ata Translation Company provides a wide variety of multilingual services in Los Angeles in virtually all industries and sectors

Our Services in Los Angeles:

Los Angeles Translation Services
Los Angeles Sectoral Expertise

Industry-Specific Expertise in Los Angeles

We believe that only translators with previous in a specific industry or sector are qualified to work on projects that relate to that field, which is why we assemble teams based on their industry-specific experience.

Technical translations of industries like media and entertainment, finance, and technology require extensive knowledge of industry-specific terminology and jargon, and our team of language experts is prepared to deliver the highest quality of service.

Which sectors do we provide services for?

Interpretation Services

Take advantage of our interpretation services in Los Angeles, including simultaneous, consecutive, whispered, and over-the-phone interpretation. We work in more than 300 languages and have interpreters readily available to provide any of these services.

We have worked at many types of events and gatherings to provide all our interpretation services, like business meetings, conferences, interviews, lectures, dinners, and more. Comfortably and conveniently host your foreign guests and business associates and call now for a free price quote.

Marketing and Localization Services

We offer a wide variety of digital and traditional marketing services to help you and your business expand into foreign markets with ease and comfort. We have completed hundreds of marketing projects, helping businesses tap into foreign markets and connect with target populations as effectively as possible.

We provide our localization services to translate social media content, advertisement campaigns, and marketing operations into a language that a target population can understand and relate to. Our teams of localization specialists look at the specific language, dialect, and relevant cultural nuances of the target population and produce the most relevant translation possible..

We offer all our marketing and localization services in more than 300 languages, including Spanish, Italian, Farsi, Armenian, Chinese, Japanese, and Portuguese.