Charlotte Translation Services

Charlotte Translation Services

We meet all your translation demands while providing rapid, high-quality service, and competitive prices. We complete your certified translation operations in the fastest way possible. We can translate your legal documents to more than 300 languages.

Ata Translation Company will meet all your translation needs while providing prompt service, high-quality translations, and competitive prices for all types of documents and projects in combinations of more than 300 languages, such as English to Japanese and Japanese to English.

We also produce certified translations for official documents and have extensive practice working with international food, cosmetics, and energy companies in Charlotte. We deliver the highest quality of translations through a team of highly skilled language experts and utilizing the industry-specific

Certified Translation Services

  • Birth and death certificates
  • Driver’s licenses
  • Transcripts
  • Legal documents
    • Hospital records
    • Marriage and divorce certificates
    • Visa and passport applications
  • All other documents
open up Charlotte to the world

Expand Around the World from Charlotte

In what sector do you operate and to which markets are you looking to expand? Our localization teams draft specific plans to help you reach new audiences and populations in foreign countries.

Our localization and translation services consider linguistic differences, dialects, and cultural nuances to make sure that your company’s advertisement and marketing campaigns are as effective as possible.

We also help you design a digital market plan that includes methods and techniques that will contribute to your business’ success in overseas markets.

Traditional Marketing Expertise

    • TV advertisements
    • Magazine advertisements
    • App advertisements
    • Newspaper advertisements
  • Brochures and billboard advertisements

Digital Marketing Expertise

    • Email marketing
    • Social media content
    • Pay-per-click advertisements
    • Blog content

The Sector You Operate in Charlotte is Important

How do we produce such fast and high-quality translations? The answer is simple: We employ translators who have expertise in a specific industry, are familiar with the terminology and jargon of that sector, and have an extensive background translating all types of documents, and we work together in teams.

It is important that you let us know in what industry you will be using your documents so that we can best serve your needs and produce the most accurate final translation.

Sectoral Expertise

Charlotte Sector Expertise