Urdu Translation Services

Urdu is the most commonly spoken language in Pakistan and bears a high degree of resemblance to Hindi. Both languages share roots in Sanskrit, and both standardized languages are mutually understandable. Only in the formal context do the differences start to show. More than 160 million people speak Urdu around the world.

Urdu uses a variation of the Arabic script to include 39 letters and 18 letter combinations that produce an altogether new sound. The 10 vowel sounds in Urdu are represented with four letters and several accent marks placed on consonants.

You can get premium translation, interpretation, and localization services from Ata Translation Company between Urdu and more than 300 other languages. We provide quick, accurate, and high-quality services 24/7 at affordable prices.

Our Services for Urdu

Urdu Translation Services
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Our customer service representatives are available 24/7 to answer questions about prices, services, and more.
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Customer satisfaction is our priority, so we finish projects fast while never sacrificing accuracy or quality.
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We only hire native speakers to guarantee a high standard of excellence in all our multilingual services.
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We accept and deliver your translation projects in any file format for the convenience of our customers.
Industry Expertise in Urdu

Industry Expertise in Urdu

Every industry and sector has its own unique jargon, voice, style, and formatting, which is why we only hire those with a professional background to deliver our industry-specific translation services.

Our global team of more than 10,000 language experts work to provide the highest quality of service in virtually all industries and sectors.

Our Industry Expertise

Interpretation Services in Urdu

Are you looking to host Urdu-speaking guests or business associates? Ata Translation Company offers premium interpretation services in Urdu for a variety of settings, like conferences, seminars, lectures, private meetings, and more. We use only the best technology to complement our interpretation services and guarantee a comfortable and convenient experience for all our clients.

Our Interpretation Services

Interpretation Services in Urdu
Certified Urdu Translation Services

Certified Urdu Translations

Navigating the complex rules and regulations each country implements on obtaining certifications for translations and official documents can be difficult.

That’s why you should come to Ata Translation Company for our certified translation services to get certifications like notarizations and apostilles for all your translated documents.

Our global team of specialists is familiar with the rules in countries all over the world and can make your job a whole lot easier.