Tamil Translation Services

Linguists estimate that Tamil has been around since at least the 3rd century BC, making it one of the oldest languages still spoken today. It has 76 million speakers in Sri Lanka,

Singapore, India, where it is an official language. There are also many Tamil speakers in Malaysia, Mauritius, and South Africa.

Tamil uses the Tamil script, a unique alphabet that contains 18 consonants, 12 vowels, and 5 additional consonants used solely for loanwords from Sanskrit languages like Hindi. Some minority languages in Tamil areas have also adopted the Tamil script.

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Tamil Translation Services
Human Translators
Never rely on machines
Human translators provide all our services to guarantee the highest standards of quality and accuracy.
Human Translators
Never rely on machines
We assess each project and offer a proposal based on your projects length, language, and complexity.
Quick Service
Combining speed and quality
Customer satisfaction is our main priority, so we work to provide fast and convenient services.
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Our team is available 24/7 to take you calls and answer questions about services, prices, and more.
Tamil Certified Translations

Certified Translations

Do you need certified translations of official documents to submit for immigration, citizenship, or university applications? Let us help you obtain notarizations, apostilles, and more with our certified translation services.

Our global network of specialists is familiar with all rules and regulations each country imposes on certifying official documents, making your job easier and stress-free. Call us today for more information on our certified translation services.

Tamil Interpretation Services

Our Tamil interpreters are available all over the world to provide fast and reliable interpretation services in a variety of settings. Host your foreign visitors and business associates with ease for events like conferences, panels, lectures, seminars, meetings, and even phone calls.

We use a collection of high-tech equipment to guarantee a flawless interpretation and smooth communication between all parties throughout our interpretation services. Our interpretation services include whispered, over-the-phone, simultaneous, consecutive, and more.

Tamil Interpretation Services
Professional Tamil Localization Services

Tamil Localization Services

Tamil is a widely spoken language in South Asia with almost 80 million speakers in at least 19 dialects. With such a huge audience and complex variations of the language, you could benefit from a Tamil localization service.

Our localization team will help you translate all your projects and content to the target language so that it is clean, fluent, and suitable for a specific group of consumers.

Localization services are great tools to use when expanding your business into new markets.

Our Localization Services

Industry-Specific Translations in Tamil

Be sure that your translator knows all the ins and outs of your business’ industry before you accept any proposals. All our language experts are highly proficient in their specific industry or sector because we believe that to properly and accurately translate documents that relate to a specific industry, you must have a professional background in its terminology, formatting, and style.

We offer industry-specific translation services in all sectors public and private. Give us a call for more information about our industry expertise or qualified translators.

Our Industry Expertise

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