Punjabi Translation Services

Punjabi is a South Asian language with about 130 million speakers in Pakistan and India. It is the 10th most widely spoken language in the world and has at least 15 different dialects.

Because the language has both Pakistani and Indian speakers, different dialects use different alphabets and scripts. Depending on geography, dialects of Punjabi can use variations of the Arabic, Gurmukhi, and Khojki scripts.

Ata Translation Company offers high-quality translation services between Punjabi and more than 300 languages.

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We assess each project based on length, complexity, source and target language, and other relevant factors.
Industry-Specific Services in Punjabi

Industry-Specific Translations in Punjabi

When dealing with industry-specific translation projects, it’s important that you work with a language expert who knows all the terminology and proper formatting associated with that specific industry. That’s why we only employ industry professionals with a deep knowledge of industry-specific jargon, voice, and style.

Our Industry Expertise:

Punjabi Interpretation Services

Get help from our team of expert Punjabi interpreters to host foreign guests and business associates comfortably and conveniently.

We only hire native speakers to provide all our interpretation services to guarantee accuracy and efficiency. Our interpreters have worked in settings like conferences, seminars, lectures, panels, and even telephone calls.

Punjabi Interpretation Services

Punjabi Localization Services

With so many variations and dialects of Punjabi, using a localization service to precisely target Punjab-speaking consumer populations can be immensely helpful when expanding your business internationally.

Our team of localization experts can help you translate all kinds of content and messaging to and from Punjabi to make sure that your branding and marketing strategy is accurate, effective, and locally relevant.

Our Localization Services