Portuguese Translation Services

Portuguese has about 250 million speakers around the world and is an official language in nine countries, inlcuding Brazil, Portugal, Angola, and East Timor. Portuguese is a Romance language but has dialectal and accent differences between its European and South American speakers.

Ata Translation Company provides Portuguese translation services with its team of native speakers, readily available to provide any of its multilingual services in combinations of more than 300 languages, such Portuguese-Russian, English-Portuguese, Portuguese-Spanish, or Portuguese-Japanese.

We also provide certified translation services to help you and your business obtain certifications, notarizations, apostilles, and more for all your official documents and translations.

Professional Portuguese Translation Services
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Simultaneous Interpreting Greek

Interpretation Services in Portuguese

Our team of Portuguese interpreters have experience providing all kinds of interpretation services, like consecutive, simultaneous, whispered, and over-the-phone at a variety of events and gatherings.

We have worked at symposiums, seminars, business meetings, conferences and panels, and more, and we utilize high-tech equipment to make sure your event goes smoothly and without error.

Our Interpetation Services:

Immigration Services in Portuguese

We also provide immigration translation services. Our global team of language experts can navigate each country’s rules and regulations to get certifications like notarizations and apostilles for all your official documents.

Our Portuguese interpretation services help you express yourself comfortably and conviently wherever necessary. We have thousands of hours of experience working with court interpretation in Portuguese.

Our Immigration Expertise:

  • USCIS applications
  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Educational documents

Localization Services in Portuguese

Portuguese is spoken in numerous regions around the world, making differences in dialects, cultures, and accents particularly important when trying to create targeted messages for a Portuguese-speaking population.

Our team of localization specialists are readily available to translate and adjust your website, software, and digital marketing content to make it linguistically and culturally suitable for a target population.

Our Localization Services:

  • Commercial, official, and private correspondences
  • Dubbing and subtitling
  • Software localization
  • All other localization services

Leisure and Tourism Translation Services

Almost 10 million tourists visit Brazil and another 10 million visit Portugal each year. This makes the tourism industry important to the economies of the two main Portuguese-speaking countries.

Ata Translation Company offers many multilingual, tourism translation services, like website localization, digital marketing, transcreation, and more. We provide all our services in combinations of the more than 300 languages with which we work.