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Pashto is a language with about 60 million speakers in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Due to geography and influence from Islam, Pashto shares a lot of vocabulary with Arabic and Persian from the west and Urdu from the east. Pashto uses a variation of the Arabic script, but its alphabet has 45 letters and 4 accent marks that change the accent or sound of certain letters.

For all your translation, localization, and interpretation needs in Pashto, come to Ata Translation Company where our global team of language experts are readily available to deliver premium multilingual services to you or your business.

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Certified Translations in Greek

Certified Translations in Pashto

Many government agencies require translated documents to be certified, often with a notarization or apostille. But if you’re trying to get certifications from abroad or aren’t familiar with the certification process in a specific country, it can be a nightmare.

Luckily, Ata Translation Company offers certified translation services with a global team of specialists who can help you navigate the complex web of rules and regulations each government agency has in place for document certification.

Immigration Translations in Pashto

Come to Ata Translation Company for all your immigration translation needs in Pashto. Our team of Pashto language specialists can help provide accurate and properly formatted translations of all documents necessary for the immigration application process.

Some of the documents our translators have worked with include academic transcripts and diplomas, marriage and death certificates, medical records, birth certificates, driver’s licenses, and more.

We also work with USCIS applicants to submit fluent and accurate applications.

Immigration Translations in Pashto
Pashto Interpretation Services

Pashto Interpretation Services

Are you looking to host Pashto-speaking foreign guests or business associates? Let us and our team of highly skilled Pashto interpreters help you comfortably and conveniently communicate with Pashto-speakers in their native language with our professional interpretation services.

Our team offers consecutive, simultaneous, whispered, and over-the-phone interpretation services in a variety of settings, like conferences, lectures, panels, interviews, meetings, and more.

Call now to learn more about our services and the more than 300 languages with which we can interpret Pashto.

Pashto Localization Services

Pashto has about 60 million speakers but at least 20 distinct dialects. This makes translating content to target a specific group of Pashto speakers incredibly difficult without the help of experts familiar with the Pashto’s linguistic geography.

With Ata Translation Company’s localization services, you and your business can take all kinds of content, documents, and more and translate them so that local Pashto speakers can understand and relate.

Don’t hesitate to call and get more information about how to successfully explore new markets around the world.

Our Localization Services

Pashto Localization Services