Nepali Translation Services

With nearly 20 million speakers, Nepali is an official language in India and Nepal with many speakers in Myanmar and Bhutan. Nepali has a heavy influence from the ancient Sanskrit language and uses the Devanagari script.

Ata Translation Company works with a team of Nepali language experts to provide premium translation, localization, and interpretation services between Nepali and more than 300 languages.

Use our certified translation services to obtain certifications like notarizations and apostilles for all your official documents. Our global team of specialists help you navigate the complex rules and regulations each country implements for certifications.

Nepali Translation Services
All File Formats
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We prioritize customer satisfaction, which is why we accept and deliver your translation projects in any file format you request.
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Our translators only work with projects in their native language to guarantee speed and accuracy in all our services.
Human Translators
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Never relying on machines, we work with human translators to provide accurate and quality translation services.
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We provide proposals specific to each project based on length, complexity, and language, all while never sacrificing speed or quality.
Nepali Localization Services

Nepali Localization Services

South Asia is one of the most linguistically diverse regions of the world with hundreds of distinct languages and dialects. With so many multilingual regions and populations, it can be incredibly difficult to create targeted content to reach specific groups of consumers. That’s where Ata Translation Company’s localization services come in handy.

With help from our team of Nepali language experts, we take all your content, whether it’s a website, mobile application, software program, or e-commerce presence, and translate it so that local populations can understand and relate to it.

Our service helps businesses expand into overseas markets and develop a stronger global brand.”

Import-Export Translations in Nepali

Ata Translation Company offers a wide variety of translation, localization, and interpretation services to meet all your business’ multilingual needs in the import-export industry. With an economy dependent on manufacturing and exports, many businesses and organizations working in or with Nepal can benefit from our import-export translation services.

Our team of industry professionals, we can help you translate or localize any of your documents, presentations, websites, projects, and more as they relate to the import-export industry.

Our translators work between Nepali and more than 300 other languages to provide the highest quality of service.

Import Export Nepali

Industry-Specific Translations in Nepali

Industries often contain specific terminology, jargon, formatting, or tone in its documents. This makes it important that only translators with proven experience work on multilingual projects for an industry or sector.

Our team of Nepali language experts is full of translators, interpreters, and localizers who are readily available to provide a wide variety of translation services in all industries and sectors.

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