Malay Translation Services

Malay is a language closely related to Indonesian and Malaysian and is an official language in Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore with as many as 290 million speakers. The Malay alphabet consists of 26 letters written in the Latin script, while texts also sometimes use a modified form of the Arabic script, called Jawi.

Ata Translation Company works with a variety of documents types and projects to deliver high-quality Malay translation, interpretation, and localization services.

Our language specialists are all native speakers who never rely on machine translations to provide our translation services between Malay and more than 300 other languages.

We provide certified translation services for your official translations in countries all over the world. Our global network of experts can help you navigate the complicated rules and regulations that relate to getting certifications like notarizations and apostilles.

Malay Translation Services
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Industry-Specific Translations in Malay

Not all documents are the same, so why should the same translator work with all your documents? We believe that it requires a level of professional experience and background to translate industry-specific documents. That’s why we only hire industry professionals with deep knowledge in its terminology and jargon to work on translations for a specific industry.

We work with more than 10,000 language experts all over the globe to provide you and your business with the best translation services possible. We offer all our services for documents and projects in all industries and sectors.

Our Industry Expertise

Industry-Specific Translations in Malay
Malay Locliation Services

Malay Localization Services

Explore the third largest market in Southeast Asia with the help of Ata Translation Company’s localization services. With our team of Malay experts ready to help your business create an effective global brand, there’s nothing stopping you from succeeding in overseas markets.

Not all content has the same effect in every language and culture, which is why our localization experts help your business translate and reorganize your website, software, mobile app, video game, and e-commerce presence so that local populations can read about your products in their native language.

Malay Interpretation Services

Ata Translation Company offers interpretation services in Malay for a variety of events, gatherings, and settings. Our team of expert interpreters have worked at conferences, lectures, panels, meetings, business dinners, interviews, and even interpreted for phone calls.

Host foreign guests and business associates with ease and comfort with the help of our Malay interpreters.

Every member of our team works in his or her native language to provide the highest quality and most accurate whispered, consecutive, simultaneous, and over-the-phone interpretation services.

Malay Interpreting Services