Korean Translation Services

The different alphabets, accents, and intonation in many Far East languages can be a challenge for those looking to expand their business overseas. But with our premium translation services, we can help you with all your Korean language needs.

We translate all kinds of projects, like official documents, business correspondences, and advertisement texts in Korean and submit to rigorous standards of editing and quality control.

We also offer interpretation services for Korean, allowing you to take part in meetings, press conferences, panels, and more with our highly skilled interpreters. We can provide simultaneous or consecutive interpretation as needed.

Korean Translation Services
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Korean Localization Services

Korean Localization Services

Korean has a variety of dialects that resemble each other on a basic level, but in a professional context, even the smallest differences hugely impact the meaning and impact of a translation.

Ata Translation Company provides the best Korean localization services with native Korean speakers as translators.

When submitting projects to us, be sure to let us know where and how you will be using the final product so that we can craft the most appropriate translation as possible.

Industry-Specific Translations in Korean

We believe that there is no room for error in translation, which is why we only select translators with professional experience and a deep knowledge of its terminology and jargon to produce translations for a specific industry or sector.

This policy enables our language experts to deliver flawless translations of all types of projects in a variety of sectors, like aviation, retail, IT, tourism, and energy.

Ata Translation Company has more than 20 of experience providing translation services in Korean, and we assemble an expert team of translators, proofreaders, and editors for each project.

Korean Sector Expertise

Certified Translations in Korean

Ata Translation Company offers certified translation services for all your Korean documents to use for official purposes. Many government agencies and public institutions require translations to be certified, so save youself the time and effort and take advantage of our services.

Our firm offers certifications like notarizations and apostilles for all kinds of documents to be used in Korea in line with all applicable laws and guidelines.

Native Speakers

We prioritize customer satisfaction by offering fast services at a great quality for affordable prices. Our company employs native Korean speakers as translators to help us achieve both quality and speed in all our services.

Our native-Korean-speaking interpreters are also readily available to take part in meetings, panels, symposiums, telephone conversations, and more to deliver our premium interpretation services.