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Indonesian is the official language of Indonesia with almost 200 million speakers. Indonesia is home to several hundred native languages and dialects, so most speakers of Indonesian speak it as a second language.

With centuries of colonization, and religious and regional influence, Indonesian contains numerous loan words from Chinese, Sanskrit, Arabic, Portuguese, Dutch, and English. The Indonesian alphabet typically uses the Malay script, consisting of 26 letters, but some Indonesian texts use a modified Arabic script as well.

Find the industry’s best Indonesian translation, localization, and interpretation services at Ata Translation Company. We work in combinations of more than 300 languages and provide translations for documents and projects in all industries and sectors.

Indonesian Translation adn Localization Services
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Indonesian Interpretation Services

Ata Translation Company offers interpretation services in Indonesian to help its customers comfortably and conveniently host foreign guests and business associates. We employ a team of highly skilled native speakers to deliver all our Indonesian interpretation services at a variety of events and settings.

You can benefit from our simultaneous, consecutive, over-the-phone, or whispered interpretation services for events like conferences, lectures, panels, interviews, presentations, business dinners, and more. Call now for a free quote.

Industry-Specific Translations in Indonesian

Being one of the largest countries in the world, Indonesia is full of developing industries and sectors that work internationally. And with hundreds of native languages, Indonesia has an urgent need for translation services between other global languages and its official language.

Ata Translation Company employs teams of industry professionals to deliver translation services in all industries and sectors. Each member of our team has a professional background in his or her respective industry, guaranteeing a high understanding of any industry-specific terminology, voice, or jargon.

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Indonesian Localization Services

Indonesian Localization Services

With the largest economy in southeast Asia and a member of the G20 forum, Indonesia is a hotbed of foreign investment and a thriving economy. It is the fourth most populous country in the world, meaning that millions of Indonesian consumers are buying, spending, and investing.

Take your business to the next level and make your content available to consumers all over Indonesia with our localization services. We translate your website, mobile app, software, and more and make sure information is relevant, logical, and locally appropriate.

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