Greek Translation Services

Greek is the official language of Greece and is spoken by about 13 million people in Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Albania, Armenia, Romania, and the Ukraine. Artifacts uncovered with Ancient Greek writing provided insights into the history and culture of the Greek civilization thousands of years ago, though there are quite a few differences between Modern and Ancient Greek.

Modern Greek has three main dialects: Northern, Ionian Peloponnese, and Southern.

We provide high-quality translation services with native Greek speakers as translators and interpreters. You can get quotes from us for combinations of more than 300 languages, like English-Greek, German-Greek, Spanish-Greek, and more.

Greek Translation & Localization Services
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Certified Translations in Greek

Certified Translation Services in Greek

For our clients looking to certify official Greek translations and documents, we offer certified translation services, obtaining certifications of authenticity like notarizations and apostilles.

You can use our certified translation services to submit documents to government agencies or academic institutions, and our immigration translation services guarantee proper document format and style for all kinds of citizenship and immigration applications, including USCIS.

Greek Interpretation Services

Are you looking to host Greek visitors or business associates? Take advantage of our professional interpretation services to make your guests as comfortable as possible and communicate fluidly and accurately.

We offer our interpretation services for all kinds of events and gatherings in Greek, such as training seminars, lectures, business dinners, conferences, and more. We can also assist with our over-the-phone and whispered interpretation services.

With 20 years of experience, we can guarantee high-quality services and customer satisfaction with our team of skilled interpreters and equipment to complement our services like consecutive and simultaneous interpretation.

Simultaneous Interpreting Greek

Leisure and Tourism Translation Services

More than 20 million tourists visit Greece each year, with its Mediterranean beaches and ancient historical sites, making tourism an important and influential sector in the country. Take advantage of our leisure and tourism translation services to improve your business’ capacity to work in the tourism sector.

Our list of business to whom we have provided our translation services include hotels, airlines, cruise lines, museums, travel agencies, and more.

Our localization services offer the opportunity for business to translate content on their website or mobile applications to directly target local communities around the world for advertising or marketing purposes.

Our team of localization experts is mindful of the cultural and linguistic nuances of local communities, and helps your business create the most effective marketing strategy possible.