German Translation Services

German has over 100 million speakers around the world and is an official language in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein and South Tyrol. It is estimated that German is spoken in 38 countries.

Germany has one of Europe’s largest and most developed economies with large multinational corporations and strong automotive, pharmaceutical, and energy sectors.

Ata Translation Company works to meet all our customers’ German multilingual needs with a team of native speakers providing all our translation services to guarantee fast and accurate translations.

We provide all our sevices in combinations of more than 300 languages, like German-English, Mandarin-German, Spanish-German, and more.

Professional German Localization & Translation Services
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We remain in constanct communication with our clients to quickly respond to any questions or concerns they may have.
All File Formats
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We accept and deliver all our multilingual projects in any format for the convenience and accessibility of our customers.
Only Human Translators
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We only use the skills of human translators to guarantee accuracy and quality in all our multilingual services.

Document Translation Services in German

Our German documents translations are available for hundreds of types of files, anything from legal, technical, commercial, organizational, financial, regulatory, and more. Our team of translators have extensive experience working in virtually all industries and sectors.

For each translation project, we carefully select language experts based on professional experience, industry-specific knowledge, and native language to guarantee the highest standard of excellence with our services.

After translation, we submit all projects through rigorous editing processes to guarantee accuracy and fluency. You can also benefit from our German proofreading and editing services.

German Interpretation Services

We provide interpretation services to let you host foreign guests and business associates conveniently and comfortably for a variety of events and gathering, both in-person and over the phone.

You can use our interpretation services at events ranging from lectures, conferences, and seminars to phone calls, video chats, and interviews. We provide quick, accurate, and high-quality interpretation services for hundreds of combinations of languages.

Our list of interpretation services includes simultaneous, over-the-phone, whispered, conference, and consecutive, from which you can benefit from in Germany and elsewhere in the world.

German Interpreting Services

Certified Translation Services in German

We provide certified translations for all your official documents and applications in German. We work with legal, financial, immigration, and all kinds of official applications, including USCIS. Whether you need a certified translation in Germany, the United States, or somewhere else in the world, we can quickly deliver you a certified translation.

Our global team of language experts know how to navigate the specific rules and regulations each country has regarding certified translations, which makes it easy for you to get things like notarizations and apostilles to submit to official agencies in countries all over the world.

Our Certified Translation Expertise:

Software Localization Services in German

Germany is a huge market for IT and software development, with a population of more than 80 million and numerous tech companies. We offer software localization services to help your business adjust the content of your software program to be appropriate and relevant to target populations around the world.

We only work with language experts who are specialists in the field of software design and programming. This allows us to guarantee a fast and flawless service for all your software needs with experts who know both the language of your target audience and the terminology specific to computer programming and software.

Our Software Localization Expertise:

  • Security and Anti-Virus
  • Software training and e-learning
  • ERP & CRM
  • Multimedia
  • Remote desktop systems
  • Office products
  • Multi-player networking
  • All other software needs