French Translation Services

French is a global language with more than 200 million speakers and is the official language of 29 countries, including France, Belgium, and Canada as well as being commonly spoken in 54 countries.

French resembles Romance languages ​​like Catalan, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Romanian and is widely spoken throughout Africa.

We have over 20 years of experience working with native French speakers to provide certified translation, interpretation, localization, dubbing and subtitling, transcription, transcreation, and proofreading services.

Expert French Translation and Localization Services
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French Localization Services

Being a global language spoken in numerous countries, French naturally has a great variety of dialects and differences in different parts of the world.

Our French localization services help businesses expand into French-speaking markets and craft marketing strategies and online content that is suitable for the language, dialect, and culture of the region.

With our team of native French-speaking language experts, we can help you establish effective and smooth communication with any French-speaking community around the world. We offer our localization service in combinations of more than 300 languages.

Immigration Translation Services

We provide certified translations for a wide variety of immigration and citizenship documents in the European Union, United States, and elsewhere. immigration procedures.

Utilize our immigration services for help with USCIS and visa applications and to obtain certifications like notarizations and apostilles that some government agencies require.

Ata Translation Company also offers French interpretation services to help you represent yourself in immigration court, with native French speakers that are well-versed in any relevant legal and judicial terminology.

Multimedia Translation Services

Our multimedia translation services include things like subtitling, dubbing, voiceovers, and more. You can use our services for movies, documentaries, presentations, video games, advertisements, and all other types of multimedia content.

For all our multimedia translation services, we utilize a studio to produce the highest quality of content, and we constantly provide updates about ongoing projects and demo recordings to our clients.

We have assembled a large team of experts to deliver our multimedia translation services including sound engineers, voice actors, and more.

French Translation Services- Multimedia
French Website Localization Services

Website Localization in French

Have you ever considered translating your business’ or personal website into French? With our premium localization service, you can take your website and make it suitable for a local target audience anywhere in the world.

Our team of localization experts work can localize French websites to and from more than 300 languages.

We translate all the content on your website to make it fluent, culturally appropriate, and appear as if it was originally written in the target language.

We have high standards of quality with all our multilingual service, and we guarantee that all content, language codes, image captions, and meta descriptions will be flawlessly translated.

Our localization projects are always SEO-friendly, meaning we emphasize the use of certain keywords and website structuring techniques so that your website will jump to the top of search results among your target population.

In addition to website localization, we also offer our services for mobile apps and software.

Industry Expertise in French

Businesses now span over many different countries and continents, meaning that companies from all industries must communicate in multiple languages to conduct business. Eliminating the language barrier using translators with industry-specific expertise alleviates one of the biggest problems that transnational companies face.

We assemble our teams based on expertise and proficiency in the terminology and language of specific industries, making them qualified to deliver translation, interpretation and localization services.

Our Sector Expertise