Flemish Translation Services

Flemish has about 22 million speakers in Europe, Africa, and South America and is an official language in Belgium, the Netherlands, South Africa, Suriname, Curacao, Aruba and Saint Maarten.

Ata Translation Company offers high quality Flemish translation services for a variety of documents and projects along with premium localization and interpretation services.

Flemish Translation Services
24/7 Availability
We are always available
You can contact us anytime you want, from anywhere in the world to get price quotes or more information about our services.
All File Formats
Send us files in whatever format you want
We accept and deliver your projects in all file formats, whether it’s a sound recording, photograph, or video.
Only Human Translators
Never rely on machines
Each project is important to us, which is why we only work with human translators, never relying on computer programs.
Speak your own language with your Dutch and Belgian partners

Communicate Freely with Your Dutch and Belgian Associates

We offer all our translation services in all dialects of Flemish, and our language experts are always ready to provide fast and accurate translation, interpretation, and localization services.

Let us know the nature and context of your translation needs, and we will carefully select a translator that has the relevant industry expertise and proficiency to deliver the highest quality of service.

We help you communicate with foreign visitors and business associates via email, teleconference, phone call, live interview, conference, business meeting, and much more.

Flemish Interpretation Services

Our native Flemish-speaking interpreters are available to provide service in combinations of over 300 languages, like English-Flemish, Russian-Flemish, Flemish-Arabic, and more. We complement our services with high-quality equipment to provide you with a comfortable and convenient experience.

We can prepare and provide our interpretation services on short notice and assign only the most experienced interpreters to make your event go as smoothly as possible. We have worked hundreds of meetings, conferences, and seminars in the Netherlands and in Belgium.

Why is Localization Important for Flemish?

Being a language spoken in several countries, Flemish has numerous dialects, from South African to Dutch. Our localization services help to alleviate any cultural or dialectal differences that might inhibit you communicating with a Flemish-speaking community.

If you are a business expanding to a new market or trying to communicate with a new target population, check out our localization services, which include digital marketing, mobile app localization, website localization, and more.

Certified Translations in Flemish

We serve different companies from all over the world, and government agencies sometimes require certified translations for official documents. Working to obtain certifications like notarizations or apostilles can be difficult in a foreign country, so we’re here to help you with all your certified translation needs.

Get help from professionals who are familiar with local immigration and citizenship laws for all your official documents and translations. We have produced thousands of thousands of Immigration translations into Flemish, including USCIS applications.

Certified Translation Services

Flamish Certifed Translations