Estonian Translation Services

Estonian is the official language of Estonia and is spoken by more than 1 million people. Estonia is a Baltic state, member of the European Union, and has a well-developed economy.

Estonian shares many similarities with Finnish but has numerous loan words from German, Russian, Latin, Greek, and English.

You can contact us for a variety of Estonian translation services, including professional translation and interpretation services for more than 300 languages including English, Russian, Japanese, and Mandarin with our native Estonian-speaking translators.

Estonian Translation Services
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Our customer representatives are available 24/7 to take your questions, concerns, and requests. Call now to receive a free quote from anywhere in the world.
All File Formats
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We accept and deliver projects in all file formats to make your job more convenient, everything from photographs, voice recordings, videos, and more.
Human Translators
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Ata Translation Company provides all its services with the help of a skilled team of human translators, never relying on machine translations or computer programs.
Industry-Specific Expertise Estonian

Industry-Specific Expertise

We offer top-quality translations in all sectors, including IT, transportation, and food, guaranteeing a high level of accuracy for all our translation projects regardless of industry or sector.

We believe that translators with professional experience and proficiency in the specific terminology associated with an industry can produce the most accurate translation in the shortest amount of time possible.

Ata Translation Company also provides certified translation and interpretation services for any sector or industry.

Estonian Interpretation Services

Take advantage of our professional interpretation services for Estonian and conveniently host foreign visitors and business associates with our expert team of native Estonian-speaking interpreters.

Our interpretation services include simultaneous, consecutive, whispered, over-the-phone, and more and can be used for such events as telephone conversations, video conferences, business dinners, or interviews.

Whatever the occasion, our certified interpreters will provide you and your associates with exceptional services.

Estonian Interpreting Services
Estonian Immigration Translation Services

Immigration Services

We can obtain notarizations and apostilles for your certified translations as they pertain to immigration or citizenship applications.

Ata Translation Company also follows up on USCIS applications and has significant experience working with the documents required for various immigration and citizenship procedures, including transcripts, diplomas, academic documentation, health records, birth and marriage certificates, and more into more than 300 languages.

You can request our court interpretation services for immigration procedures with help from a team of interpreters who have an excellent command of judicial terminology and immigration law.

Leisure and Tourism Translation Services

Utilize our professional translation services to speak with travelers and tourists.

We offer services for various airlines, tourism agencies, and hotels in Estonia, but we offer translation services between Estonian and tons of other languages, from English and Spanish to Russian and Italian. Let us help you translate brochures, TV advertisements, social media content, and much more.