Professional English Translation Services

We are prepared to provide you with premium English translation services with more than 2,000 native-English-speaking translators that can guarantee high-quality translations with more than 20 years of experience working with English translation, localization, and interpretation.

Every translation project is vital to the success of an individual or business, which is why we guarantee superior quality and a quick turnaround in all our services.

English Translation and Localization Services
Over 300 Languages
Language is no longer a barrier
Extend your reach all over the world with a wide variety of multilingual services in more than 300 languages.
Native Speakers
Skilled native English speakers
We work with native-English-speakers as translators, guaranteeing at least 99.9% accuracy on all our projects.
Human Translators
Only human translation
We only commission the work of human translators for all our multilingual projects, never computer programs.
Global Presence
Work with us from anywhere
You can contact us from anywhere in the world and we deliver your final translations however and wherever you like

Industry-Specific Translations in English

Ata Translation Company works with professional translators who have a deep understanding and expertise the linguistic nuances of different sectors and industries. We are particularly attentive on the terminology and jargon and differs so greatly between industries, and with our team of language experts, we guarantee a high standard of quality in all our translations.

English is the most commonly used language for international business, even when neither company or party speaks English as their first language. This makes the perfect translation of all types of business agreements, contracts, reports, and emails crucial towards the success of companies that work internationally.

Our Industry Expertise

English Sectors

Medical Translation Services

There are numerous influential medical associations, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and institutions of medical research in English-speaking countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

Ata Translation Company offers translation, interpretation, localization services, and more for all kinds of English-language documents and projects. Our medical language specialists have experience working in the medical field and have done extensive work translating medical documents.

English Localization

English is an official language of 54 countries and is spoken in countries across all continents, meaning that there are vast differences in the English spoken between regions, countries, and even cities.

Ata Translation Company offers localization services to translate and alter content so that it is culturally, linguistically, and dialectally appropriate for the specific target populations you are trying to reach.

We consider the context and location of all your projects and select only the most qualified language experts when we provide our localization services.

Advantages of English Localization

  • Develop a strong connection with the target group
  • Produce culturally relevant content
  • Manage international projects productively
  • The most productive project management
  • Make zero errors in the translation process
  • Strengthen the value of your brand

Immigration Translation Services

We are prepared to provide all kinds of translation and certification services as they relate to immigration or citizenship, and we can provide certified translations of all kinds of application documents, including USCIS.

Our team of language experts is careful to cater to the needs and specifications of each government agency when producing translations of immigration or citizenship documentation.

Ata Translation Company provides interpretation services, guaranteeing ease of communication in court hearings and legal proceedings.

Our Immigration Expertise

  • Court interpretation
  • Visa applications
  • Passport services
  • Notarizations and apostilles