Canadian French Translation Services

The Canadian dialect of French is one of the official languages in Canada with more than 12 million speakers.

Ata Translation Company provides translation services with a team of  native Canadian French speakers. You can reach us at any time of the day to receive a free quote for more information about our certified translation services in Canada.

We only utilize human translators for all our projects to produce the highest-quality and most accurate translation services. With the help of a team of expert editors, we submit all of your translated projects through a rigorous process of quality control, guaranteeing that the final product meets all your needs.

Canadian French Translation Services
24/7 Communication
Call us anytime you want
We are available 24/7 to answer questions and provide free price quotes, and we regularly update our clients on the progress of their projects.
All File Formats
Send us projects in any file format
To make it as convenient as possible for our customers, we accept and return translation projects in whatever format is requested.
Human Translators
Only trust the professionals
We understand the importance of all your translation projects, so we only work with professional and experienced human translators.
Competitive Prices
Guaranteed affordable prices
We offer competitive prices for all services, including interpretation, localization, professional translation, and proofreading.

Certified Translation Services

We can produce certified translations for any documents for any part of the world. Just let us know where and how you will be using the final translation, and we can prepare certifications like apostilles and notarizations.

We also offer certified translation services for documents to immigration and citizenship applications and can help with USCIS applications.

Certified Translation

Interpretation Services

We offer simultaneous translations in Canadian French and offer competitive prices for a variety of multilingual gatherings or events. Give us at least 24 hours’ notice before you require our interpretation services and we shall be ready for your event with high-quality equipment to ensure that all interpretation goes as smoothly as possible.

We have 20 years of experience in the field of interpretation and have participated in hundreds of meetings, seminars, business dinners, launches, and conferences all around the world.

Interpretation Services in Canadian French

Canadian French Interpreting Services
Canadian French Localization Services

Why is Localization so Important?

Our language experts work with you one-on-one on whatever project you desire to make sure that all language, dialectal differences, and cultural nuances are properly translated into a language that target populations’ can immediately understand.

Our process is guaranteed to protect the integrity and value of your brand by consulting with native speakers of Canadian French and combing over the fine details of your marketing operations, advertising campaign, or mobile application.

We offer localization services for all types of projects and documents in Canadian French.

Our Localization Services