Burmese Translation Services

Burmese is the official language of Myanmar (Burma) and has more than 40 million speakers around the world. It’s a tonal language that utilizes accents, syllabic rhythm, and vowel tones.

Burmese uses a version of the Brahmic script, a 33-letter alphabet written in cursive from left to right and doesn’t require spaces between words. This makes reading challenging for those unfamiliar with this kind of writing system.

Ata Translation Company offers all its translation services in combinations of Burmese and more than 300 other languages. Customer satisfaction is our main priority, so we accept and deliver all translation projects in whatever format our customers request. Take advantage of our localization services for your Burmese language website and mobile app today.

Burmese Translation, Localization Services
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Our customer service representatives are available 24/7 to answer questions about pricing, services, or updates about ongoing projects.
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We only hire native speakers to provide all our multilingual services, guaranteeing speed and accuracy in all our translations.
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Take advantage of all our translation, interpretation, and localization services in combinations of over 300 languages at affordable prices.
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We only utilize the skills of human translators, never relying on machines or computer programs to provide our translation services.
Industry-Specific Translations in Burmese

Industry-Specific Translations in Burmese

We believe that only translators who have working experience should provide translation, interpretation, or localization services in a specific industry or sector.

Industries have their own vocabulary, voice, and formats, which is why we only hire language experts with professional backgrounds to deliver our industry-specific translation services in Burmese.

Our teams of industry professionals and rigorous proofreaders and editors help us to deliver the highest quality of translation in all sectors of the economy.

Our Industry Expertise

Burmese Interpretation Services

Finding an interpreter to help with a multilingual event in a less-common language used to be difficult. But Ata Translation Company has a huge team of language experts ready to help you with all your interpretation needs between Burmese and more than 300 other languages.

We have provided interpretation services for large and small events and gatherings, everything from conferences, lectures, panels, meetings, interviews, luncheons, and more.

We subject our interpreters to stringent testing procedures before commissioning them to work at events and utilize advanced equipment to guarantee a flawless and convenient interpretation.

Our Interpretation Services in Burmese

  • Consecutive
  • Over-the-phone
  • Whispered
  • Simultaneous
  • Conference
  • All other interpretation services
Interpretation Services
Burmese Certified Translation Services

Certified Translation Services in Burmese

Need certifications for your Burmese translations? Ata Translation Company makes it easy to get certified translations no matter where you are in the world. Our global team of experts can navigate the complex rules and regulations each country implements for translation certifications.

We provide certifications like notarizations and apostilles for any of your translated documents, for everything from immigration documents, academic transcripts and diplomas, to medical records, birth and death certificates, and much more.

Call us now for more information about our certified translation services and to see how we can help you today.

Energy Translations in Burmese

Ata Translation Company and its team of energy experts are readily available to provide you and your business with top-notch energy sector translation services in Burmese.

All the language specialists who work on energy sector translations are proficient in all the industry nuances and terminology related to things like fossil fuels, renewable fuel sources, nuclear energy, natural resources, energy markets, and more.

Make sure your energy sector translations are accurate, professional, clean, and translated perfectly. We guarantee high standards of quality for all our translation, localization, and interpretation services in Burmese for the energy sector. Contact us 24/7 for more information about our energy translation services.