Bulgarian Translation Services

Bulgarian is an official language of the European Union and Bulgaria and the native language of more than 9 million people. Bulgarian is written using the Cyrillic alphabet and contains 30 letters.

Bulgaria is a European Union member country. It has an emerging economy and has made significant investments in the technology sector.

Ata Translation Company provides professional Bulgarian translation and interpretation services with a team of native Bulgarian speakers. We provide certified translation services for all types of documents and work between Bulgarian and more than 300 languages.

Bulgarian Proffesional Translation Services
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We work with a skilled team of Bulgarian language experts and use cloud technology to communicate and deliver services as quickly as possible.
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Bulgarian Interpreting Services

Bulgarian Interpretation Services

We offer a variety of different interpretation services in Bulgarian to help you host foreign guests and associates. We have worked with a number of international organizations in Bulgaria.

We assign interpreters with consideration of their industry-specific expertise. Our interpreters have excellent knowledge of industry terminology for all kinds of meetings and symposiums and can provide their services for any number of events and gatherings..

Our Bulgarian Interpretation Services

  • Simultaneous interpretation
  • Consecutive interpretation
  • Conference interpretation
  • Over-the-phone interpretation
  • Whispered interpretation
  • All other interpretation services

Bulgarian Localization Services

International communication is a crucial component of brand and marketing strategies, which is why we suggest our localization services in Bulgarian. We remove the language barrier between you and potential clients with our website localization, document localization, and digital marketing localization services.

Localization is the most effective method to improve communication with foreign populations. Rather than basic translation, localization takes into consideration locally relevant vocabulary and adjusts words or phrases that might be misunderstood in your target audience, protecting your company’s brand value.

Our Bulgarian Localization Services

Bulgarian Localization
Bulgarian Sector Expertise

Industry-Specific Expertise

How do we achieve such a high quality of translations? We work with translators who have professional expertise in different industries and sectors, taking into account the various terminology and jargon used in a modern business. This also helps us retain the voice and fluency of industry-specific document translations.

We have provided translation services for hundreds of industries and sectors in Bulgarian. Contact us at any time to get help with your technical translations for sectors like finance and medicine.

Our Industry Expertise in Bulgarian