Belarusian Translation Services

Belarusian has more than 8 million speakers and is an official language in Belarus and Poland. It uses both the Cyrillic and a variation of the Latin alphabet.

Ata Translation Company works with a global team of language experts for its professional Belarusian translation services. Our translators, localizers, and interpreters work tirelessly to provide you  with the highest quality of service for all your Belarusian langauge needs.

We provide translation services from Belarusian to more than 300 languages. We help you reach customers all over the world with our top-notch website localization, app localization, and digital marketing services.

Belarusian Translation Services
Available 24/7
Contact us anytime you want.
We work on 24/7 basis to offer services to customers from all around the world.  You can contact us anytime you want in Belarus.
All File Formats
Send us your project in any format.
You can send us videos, images, videos, .pdf, .txt, fax, and more, and we deliver your finished projects in the format you request.
Human Translators
The most reliable translation services
ATA Translation only provides translation services conducted by humans. We have worked with more than 10,000 translators.

Certified Translation Services

Ata Translation Company has the operational capacity to obtain certifications for all your Belarusian translations anywhere in the world. Our global team of experts will help you work around the complex web of rules and regulations in each country.

Utilize our certified translation services to submit all kinds of documents and applications to official agencies or government institutions. We can also help you get notarizations or apostilles to use your documents at home or abroad.

Our Certified Translation Expertise

Industry-Specific Expertise

We offer our premium Belarusian translation services in hundreds of industries and sectors with our experienced team of over 10,000 translators and interpreters.

How are we able to deliver such high-quality services? All our language experts go through rigorous testing procedures, demonstrating their knowledge and proficiency in the terminology and jargon of specific industries.

Our Industry Expertise
Hindu Interpretation Services

Interpreting Services

Our Belarusian native speaker interpreters of can offer services all around the world. You can receive free quotes for interpreting services, including consecutive, whispered, over the phone, simultaneous, conference, and so on.

We work with you to conduct any multi-lingual operations you intend to carry out in Belarus with impeccable quality. We assign interpreters by taking into consideration sectoral expertise for these events, and use high-quality equipment.

You may want to host your guests in the best possible way for tourism organizations or other government agency groups. We provide interpretation services for telephone connections or video talks too.

Belarusian Localization Services

Native speaker translators will assist you with your localization needs. We offer localization services for retail, e-commerce, IT, and food companies in Belarus.  ou can also contact us for your marketing studies.

Digital marketing is the easiest way to reach your target group. You can break into the Belarusian market by using professional localization services, including web-site localization, social media content, and email localization. As well as this, we offer translation services for more than 300 different languages to open the world to Belarus.

We offer localization services, including brochures, white-paper, booklets, and outbound advertisements with competitive prices.