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Azerbaijani is an official language in Azerbaijan and the Dagestan region of Russia and is spoken by over 23 million people, mostly in Azerbaijan and Iran. It shares many similarities with Turkish, and the two languages can sometimes be mutually understood.

Ata Translation Company offers professional translation, localization, and interpretation services between Azerbaijani and more than 300 other languages. Call now for a free quote or more information about our Azerbaijani translation services.

Azerbaijani uses the Cyrillic, Latin, and Arabic alphabets, making localization important. For example, Iranian-Azerbaijani regions use the Arabic alphabet and Dagestan the Cyrillic alphabet. We guarantee a superb final project, zoning in on your target population’s specific language characteristics with our professional localization services.

Azerbaijani Translation Services
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Sectoral Expertise in Azerbaijan

Industry-Specific Expertise

Azerbaijan has developed sizeable energy and construction sectors, and the oil, natural gas and iron reserves produce significant revenues for the country.

Azerbaijan has also undertaken significant tourism development projects in recent years, aiming to revive its tourism sector with concentrated advertising campaigns in Europe and America.

Every sector is important for the proliferation of investment in Azerbaijan, and knowing which sector your project relates to is crucial to producing a quality and accurate translation. Only the most experienced language professionals can achieve the highest speed and quality in terms of industry-specific translation services.

Our Industry Expertise in Azerbaijani

Interpretation Services in Azerbaijani

Using our interpretation can be incredibly helpful when hosting foreign guests or business associates. Whatever the situation, event, or setting, our interpreters can help you communicate comfortably with your guests.

Contact us for multilingual activities like seminars, exhibitions, business meetings, and more. Ou various interpretation services include consecutive, whispered, over-the-phone, simultaneous, and conference, delivered with high-quality equipment to avoid any possibility of error.

Certified Translation Services in Azerbaijani

Many public institutions in Azerbaijan require certified translations along with any translated or official documents. Ata Translation Company authenticates such translations with help of certified translators.

Our global team of language experts can easily obtain all kinds of translation certifications like notarizations and apostilles. Let us help you navigate the complicated rules and regulations around the world and utilize our certified translation services.

Why Localization is Important in Azerbaijani

Being able to know the language, alphabet, and dialectal differences for your translation projects is crucial towards producing content that effectively communicates information in such a way that your target population will understand.

For example, if you intend to use translated documents in Dagestan, an autonomous region in Russia, it should be written in Cyrillic alphabet. When submitting documents, you should clarify where you intend to use your translated Azerbaijani documents.

Localization is a program of cultural adaptation that ensures the success of any marketing operation and guarantees the message is well understood by the target group.

We offer competitive pricing for all your localization projects.

Our Localization Services