Insurance Policy

Ata Translation Company is completely certified and insured for all translations and interpretation assignments. We guarantee to send your multilingual projects flawlessly translated before the deadline and to protect all personal and private data.

We file our omissions and errors insurance policy through Lloyd’s of London. Our policy helps to reduce the liability and vulnerability of any of our clients in the instance of translation error, but we have no doubts that our company will deliver highly accurate and reliable translations with our global team of experts. We take full responsibility by our work and stand behind all our services.


Ata Translation Company is your best option when looking for medical translation services. Our skilled team of language experts handle all our medical information, patient and hospital records, and more with secure and reliable facilities and online communication platforms.

We are HIPAA compliant and we guarantee the highest degree of confidentiality with all your personal and medical information. Customer satisfaction is our main priority, which includes avoiding any situations or actions that might place your clinic or hospital at risk due to inaccurate or unprofessional translation services.

Read our privacy policy to learn more about how we keep your information safe, and contact us now to receive a free quote for all your medical translation needs.


Are you in need of a legal interpreter or someone to translator your legal documents for court proceedings? Ata Translation Company hires specialists for virtually all industries and sectors to help you with your technical, jargony translation projects. Don’t put yourself or your client in legal jeopardy, and take advantage of our high quality legal translation services.

Our insurance coverage extends fully to all our clients for legal translation and interpretation assignments all across the globe. Choose an experienced and reliable translation service provider who can guarantee quality and accuracy in all its services.


We also offer guarantees in preserving the privacy of confidential materials in all our multilingual projects. Ata Translation Company works with agencies and officials to deliver fast and accurate government translation services for all kinds of documents, reports, and more. We use a secure, private server and provide regular training about confidentiality and relying on SSL technology to encrypt all documents and projects.

We can also provide translation affidavits and a variety of certified translations and verifications of authenticity like notarizations and apostilles. We are insured and trustworthy, reliable and highly competent, fast and professional. Read our privacy policy to learn more about how we keep your information safe.